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Xyplex and MRV/iTouch Adapter Kit
(updated: Nov 07, 2005, 04:58 pm)

This page is not maintained by APA Cables and Networks. It is provided for the benefit of systems and network administrators.

When connected to a Xyplex or iTouch (MRV) console server port:

  • DB-25 DTE connectors have signal asserted (TD output from RJ-45) at DB-25 pin 2.
  • DE-9 DTE connectors have signal asserted (TD output from RJ-45) at DE-9 pin 3.

A DTE adapter, connected to a Xyplex port with an Ethernet cable appears to be a DTE device.

The entire Xyplex Kit (part number: 24490-Xyplex-Kit) includes one each of everything shown here. The individual APACN part numbers for each part of the kit are shown in red below.

Xyplex Console Server Adapters
(One of each adapter. Default case color is blue.)

  • XFDCE - 24490-08 - female DB-25, signal on pin 3
  • XFDTE - 24490-09 - female DB-25, signal on pin 2
  • XMDCE - 24490-10 - male DB-25, signal on pin 3
  • XMDTE - 24490-11 - male DB-25, signal on pin 2

  • XFDCE91 - 24490-15 - female DE-9, signal on pin 2
  • XFDTE91 - 24490-12 - female DE-9, signal on pin 3
  • XMDCE91 - 24490-26 - male DE-9, signal on pin 2
  • XMDTE91 - 24490-25 - male DE-9, signal on pin 3
  • XFDCE92 - 24490-79 - female DE-9, signal on pin 2 (DE-9 pin 6 tied to pin 1)
  • XFDTE92 - 24490-80 - female DE-9, signal on pin 3 (DE-9 pin 6 tied to pin 1)
  • XMDCE92 - 24490-81 - male DE-9, signal on pin 2 (DE-9 pin 6 tied to pin 1)
  • XMDTE92 - 24490-82 - male DE-9, signal on pin 3 (DE-9 pin 6 tied to pin 1)

Refer to the Xyplex hosts-to-adapter page to determine which adapters to use when connecting to various devices. For more information about the adapters and cables, refer to the Xyplex Console Connection Guide.

In general, Xyplex teminal servers send Serial Break when they are powered off. This includes the Xyplex 1600 and 1800 series hardware sold by iTouch Comunications (now MRV Communications). However, the iTouch/MRV In-Reach line fixed this problem. If you are concerned about Serial BREAK at your site, you may want to refer to our Serial BREAK hardware testing to find out which hardware devices do or do not send Serial BREAK at inappropriate times.

Xyplex/iTouch Console Server Cables
(One of each cable.)

  • Xyplex-end RJ-45 has a black boot
  • The non-Xyplex-end RJ-45 has an orange boot
  • The MMJ- or RJ-12-end doesn't get a boot.

Xyplex T.S. to Cisco Console (RJ45-to-RJ45) - 24490-74

Xyplex T.S. to Kentrox Console (RJ45-to-RJ45) - 24490-87

Xyplex T.S. to U.S. Robotics (TotalControl) (RJ45-to-RJ45) - 24490-83

Xyplex T.S. to DEC (MMJ) console (RJ45-to-MMJ) - 24490-84

Xyplex T.S. to Sun T-3 disk array console (RJ45-to-RJ13) - 24490-61

Ethernet Cable, 10' long (RJ45-to-RJ45, white cable with black boots.) - 24490-21

USOC 'Rolled' Cable, 10' long (RJ45-to-RJ45, red cable with red boots.) - 24490-22

This is the end of the components included in the Xyplex Kit.

The information below is provided for information only.

Adapter Shell Color

You can purchase the any of the adapter shown above from APA Cables ∓ Networks (, by asking for the part number (shown in red),above. Try contacting Steve Vacik (1-800-422-2537) for a price quote or information. If you want to specify a different case color than the default, us the APACN part number, followed by an optional shell color suffix. The default color for Xyplex-wired adapters is blue, unless you specify otherwise.

Available colors: BK = black, GN = green, RD = red, YL = yellow, BL = blue, GY = grey

So, the part number XFDTE91-GN would denote the DE-9 female DTE adapter, wired for the Xyplex RJ-45 format, with a green plastic shell.

APA Cables ∓ Networks also sells adapters and adapter kits for other RJ-45 formats, including the Cisco, Annex/Bay/Nortel, and IOLAN Rack+ terminal server families. APA Cables ∓ Networks uses different default colors to make it easier to visually identify the different RJ-45 wiring formats.

Other Cables available for purchase separately;

Xyplex T.S. to Cisco Patch Panel (RJ45-to-RJ45) - 24490-75

For basic RS-232 troubleshooting info, view my Minor Scroll of Console Knowledge

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